Hi and welcome to Global One Hair Systems.  I am Donna Errett,  owner and master cosmetologist at Global One.  Here at Global One Hair Systems,  we can offer  you non-invasive long lasting solutions to all your hair loss problems. From thinning, sparse, or lack of hair we can give you the confidence and coverage that will withstand swimming, showering , brushing and touching. We can give you the ability to wake up in the morning with a full head of hair at an affordable cost and without  surgeries, plugs, drugs, or pain. If you will afford me a few minutes of your time I can help you decide if any of these wonderful options are for you.


If you have any questions or would like a free consultation, please contact Donna at Global One Hair Systems and Salon located at 12788 Indian Rocks Road, Largo, Florida. Telephone:  727-432-8788.

Carl Johan is a smart, outgoing generally happy guy. However, he has suffered with hair loss as most men who genetically are at risk. He tried his system as a lark, wondering how would I look with hair. Carl was amazed. His hair system took 15 years off him. Looking at his before and after photos, I’m sure you will agree that indeed he is younger looking, happier looking and much more attractive. Carl can also wear his system for up to 30 days. He can swim, shower and workout without anyone knowing. Carl’s system is 100% human hair, custom fitted and color matched. Undetectable and nearly weightless.

Kristen is young, beautiful and working on her degree.  Her hair is another story.  It is baby fine, thin, fragile and slow growing. Her hair damages easily and no matter how hard she would try, a beautiful head of hair is not going to happen.  We decided on hair extensions as Kristen’s solution. Her concern was that it would cause her hair to be even further  jeopardized resulting in even skimpier hair. We chose for Kristen a tape based extension that provides her with 2 months of wear. As you can see from her photos, Kristen now has a beautiful flowing mane that she too can swim, shower and workout in with confidence!

Here at Global One Hair Systems we provide complete privacy and comfort when consulting or working with you and your system.  No one would ever need to know that your beautiful head of hair didn’t grow right from your scalp.

For little more than one would pay for the average services a salon provides for its regular clients. You can have the confidence, attractiveness and assurance that a full head of hair can provide.

Sandy is a lovely woman in her middle years that has been struggling with thinning hair for 20 years. Her hair loss is common with women who have lost their hair due to medical reasons. Her hair loss prevented her from enjoying many outdoor activities due to the wind blowing her hair in directions that revealed it sparseness.  Although she used hats and wigs to compensate she never felt the look was natural or attractive.  When Sandy developed a allergy to hair color it prevented her from keeping the color fresh to cover her grey hair. The transparency of the grey hair exasperated the thinness of her already thin hair.

Our solution for Sandy was a custom fitted small, human hair system that matches and utilizes her existing hair.  It is undetectable even in natural lighting. It is weightless, cool, and easily attached and removed.  If Sandy chose to, she could wear her system up to 30 days without removal,  as though she had grown it herself. The first time Sandy tried on her hair system, she cried.  She had never imagined she would feel so much better about herself.  She is more confident  and secure in that she looks attractive and natural.